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What is E-Prime?
E-Prime is a suite of applications to design, generate, and run computerized behavioral experiments, collect data, edit and analyze all within a few hours! Build your own experiments using E-Primes graphical interface. Present stimuli and collect responses with millisecond precision.

What is new for E-Prime 2.0?
  • Ability to play movies (MPEG, AVI, WMV)
  • Copy & Paste objects between experiments
  • Digital recording of subject vocalizations
  • Increased display speed for bitmap transfers
  • Support for additional image formats (JPEG, PNG, etc.)
  • Improved options for network or ghosting installs
  • Multiple video display to present stimuli on multiple video displays
  • Improved audio support (additional formats, increased length)
  • Support for UNICODE and international fonts
  • Support for new devices (Joystick, Parallel Port Device, Network Socket Device)
  • Enhanced support for larger scripts
  • Improved documentation and indexing of online Help
  • Professional version with enhanced capabilities
  • Enhanced graphical interface.
  • Enhanced Support for fMRI and Integration with Tobii Eyetracker System.

What advantages has E-Prime over other existing products?
  • Graphical interface and Wizards to speed learning time and experiment implementation 10 fold - can be taught in a 2 hour lab, can design a new paradigm in an hour
  • Support for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA computers and Power PCs with millisecond precision
  • Integrated data processing and analysis; data export to popular statistical tools including Excel, SPSS, etc.
  • Wider range of hardware support (e.g. any Windows compatible video card and audio card)
  • Full standard scripting language to implement complex logic (contingent branching, custom data scoring and logging) which is nearly identical to Visual Basic for Applications
  • Paradigm Wizard to walk you through building a basic experiment shell you can modify to fit your needs
  • Extensive windows based help and tutorial support
  • User extensibility - (e.g. link with external equipment/programs)
  • And MUCH more!

How can I order E-Prime 2.0?
You can place your order for E-Prime 2.0 or E-Prime 2.0 Professional now by using our order form. Als see our pricelist for pricing and licensing information. Your first shipment will include the Release Candidate CD and hardware key. Documentation will be included on the CD. Once the final CD of E-Prime v2.0 has been released you may request to receive a printed Getting Started Guide and a final CD. You will always receive a confirmation by e-mail. You may ofcourse also send us an e-mail, fax of letter. Please take care that you leave correct address data.

What will E-Prime 2.0 cost?
For an overview of all prices, please go to the Pricelist. If you can not find your price on this pricelist, please ask for a quote at info@scienceplus.nl. There are so many possible options regarding upgrading from 1.x to 2.0, that we will be happy to assist you.

What is the difference between E-Prime 2.0 and E-Prime 2.0 Professional?
E-Prime 2.0 Professional builds upon the new features included in E-Prime v2.0 to offer enhanced capabilities:
  • Easier interfacing with external devices
  • Greater control with script to generate more sophisticated designs
  • Tools for faster debugging
  • Utilities for experiment and subject control
  • Expanded options for presentation modalities
  • User-friendly package file support
  • Expanded range of stimulus options

When I purchased my system, a USB key was not available, or I didn't have a machine that could accept a USB key. Can I get one now?
Users who already have a hardware key for the parallel port may obtain a USB key in one of two ways:
a) A second key may be obtained through the purchase of an additional single user license.
b) If the user would like to maintain only a single license, the parallel key may be swapped for a USB key. The user must ship the parallel key back to Science Plus Group at their expense prior to shipment of the USB key. Science Plus Group will ship 1 USB key to the user for 25 euro plus the cost of shipping and handling per key.

Will my MEL Professional/PsyScope experiments be compatible?
A utility (E-DataAid) is available to convert data collected with MEL Professional or PsyScope into the new E-Prime data file format. This converted data can be combined with your new E-Prime data, if desired. However, your MEL Professional experiments and PsyScope scripts will not be able to convert to E-Prime experiments. You will need to re-create your existing experiments in E-Prime. We expect MEL Professional and PsyScope users to be able to create E-Prime versions of their old MEL Professional and PsyScope experiments in a fraction of the time it took to create the original experiments. This is largely due to the more powerful and easier to use tools featured in E-Prime. E-Prime has been designed to be the successor to MEL Professional and PsyScope. E-Prime should not be considered the "next version" of either MEL Professional or PsyScope as it is a completely new product.

Are the RB-420 and RB-620 response pads issued by Cedrus compatible with E-Prime?
We have not tested this specific unit with E-Prime and cannot confirm vendor claims of its compatibility or timing accuracy. As an alternative you may consider purchasing our PST Serial Response Box.

Is the USB key so bulky that it would block other USB ports on the machine?
No, the USB key is approximately only 2 inches long and .5 inches wide.

Does the USB offer a pass-through that is compatible with all printers/scanners/devices?
As with most USB devices, the USB hardware key does not have a pass-through. The USB bus is designed to permit for multiple devices. When all available ports are used, then the system is expanded with an inexpensive USB hub. Most computers come with 2-4 USB ports. Some monitors come equipped with a USB hub that can be connected to the system.

Can I use an LCD monitor to run subjects?
We do NOT recommend the use of these monitors for data collection in experiments using short duration stimulus displays (e.g., 1-3 refreshes). While LCD monitors are continuously illuminated and the scanning of the video memory can be conceptualized the same as a CRT, the time for a pixel to change state (i.e., rise or fall time) when it is instructed to do so is significantly different from CRT monitors and most current rise and fall times are longer than a single refresh (e.g., 20-50 ms). These characteristics of an LCD monitor can theoretically lead to inconsistent stimulus transactions.

Will E-Prime 2.0 run on my laptop?
E-Prime will be adequately supported by any portable PC that fits the minimum requirements. However there are two points of concern you must consider when running E-Prime on a laptop. First, laptop displays do not use the raster technology used by desktop monitors to redraw the screen. In E-Prime, most displays are synced with the vertical blank to avoid partial screen displays and accurate timing. The vertical blank is determined by the position of the raster. Without being able to judge the position of the raster, we cannot guarantee the synchronization of each display, nor can we guarantee 100% that the reported refresh rate will be accurate. Thus, Science Plus Group recommends that you connect a CRT desktop monitor when running on a laptop.

The other point of concern when purchasing a laptop is that you are often restricted by the installed components (e.g., video card, audio card), and these components are often not changeable. Thus, the laptop components may not be compatible with E-Prime. This can be avoided quite easily by investigating the components on your laptop beforehand to make sure they meet the requirements necessary to run E-Prime.

Will E-Prime run on non-Intel processors?
We do not expect any problems with non-Intel processors, however, formal in-house testing with Cyrix and AMD chip lines has not been performed. We have asked our 600+ beta sites to report any problems and/or successes with these machines, but have had no response from the field on that issue. Therefore, PST has taken steps to obtain machines with non-Intel processors so that we can perform the appropriate testing.

Will E-Prime allow me to interface with external devices?
Support for interfacing with external devices (e.g. EEGs) is available in E-Prime via port communications, or by writing your own Windows DLLs. For port communications, a small amount of script must be used in an InLine Object. The E-Basic commands you will need are the WritePort command and the ReadPort function. The WritePort command will allow you to send a TTL pulse to a programmable port or to a programmable register. The ReadPort function allows E-Prime to receive a signal from an external device. The parameters for WritePort and ReadPort are as follows:

WritePort address, value
ReadPort (address)

E-Prime is capable of sending a signal to the port for interfacing with an external device. The receipt and handling of the signal by the other machine is the responsibility of the user. With the WritePort and ReadPort commands, E-Prime may be used to trigger an event (e.g. signal an external device to begin data acquisition), notify an external device of an event (e.g. in order to mark the event in the data collected by the external device), or respond to a trigger from an external device (e.g. display a stimulus).

What types of sound and image files are supported in E-Prime?
Future versions of E-Prime are expected to support more of the Windows standard image formats (e.g., GIF, JPEG, etc.), but the only format supported in v1.x is BMP. This is a very common format available from many graphics packages (e.g., Paint Shop Pro, Corel, MS Image Composer). E-Prime will also support audio files in WAV file format. E-Prime v1.x however, will not support multi-media files. Future releases of E-Prime are expected to support multi-media files (AVI files).

What kind of technical support is available?
Science Plus Group has a history of providing superior quality technical support for its products. Contact us if you need any support.

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